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About the initiative

Swedish solutions are internationally recognized as highly innovative and sustainable. At this point in time, when Brazil goes green, the cooperation between the countries has the chance to become deeper and increase Swedish export to the most important market in Latin America.

Following the Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt official visit in 2011, the Swedish government decided to dedicate resources to promoting Swedish environmental technology solutions in Brazil through research, events and direct support to companies. According to Business Sweden (formerly Swedish Trade Council) initial findings, growing interest in green construction, urgency to provide basic sanitation access and implement solid waste handling, as well as the attempts to diversify the renewable energy matrix  and transportation infrastructure will bring about business opportunities for Swedish companies.


In order to focus efforts and dedicate resourced to relevant areas, Business Sweden identified and focused efforts on seven industry tracks assessed to offer the most opportunities for Swedish companies.

  • Industrial air pollution including: solutions for the cement, pulp and paper & steel industries.

  • Biogas including: Biogas production and utilization, e.g. production of heat, electrical power and vehicle fuel.

  • Green building including: energy and water efficiency, heating & cooling, alternative energy, urban planning, renewable materials, indoor environmental quality, efficient lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning solutions.

  • Sustainable Transport including: public transportation, freight transportation, electric vehicles, biogas and ICT.

  • Symbiocity including: integrated solutions for cities.

  • Waste water – new in 2014

  • Solid waste – new in 2014

Within each of the industry tracks, we welcome interested Swedish companies to get involved, guide and influence the course of the in-depth studies to best match the companies’ needs.


In addition to the industry tracks, Business Sweden identified two areas of general interest to all companies – tender processes and financing solutions. The tender process insight report aims to clarify the public tender process in Brazil. The financing solutions insight report will provide a description of the funding available to Swedish environmental technology companies looking to initiate and grow trade with Brazil. The insight reports are not industry track specific, but rather a supporting tool for all companies.


For each industry track, there is an ongoing business opportunity mapping conducted by Business Sweden and reported to the reference group throughout the year. It is focused on opportunities for Swedish companies and should reflect the participating group’s interests.