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How to succeed in the German Food Retail

The German food market, is for many Swedish food companies a dream with a size ten times larger than the Swedish food market. Germany opens up great opportunities for Swedish companies to grow. However, we have noticed that many Swedish companies are still struggling to reach their full growth potential. This report is written to support you to achieve and accelerate your sales in Germany.

Use the report to get inspired by different business opportunities in Germany.

Do you know what the 4 megatrends and the new trends of 2017 are? Have you heard about the 3 top happenings of 2017? Are you aware of the German interest for Swedish products? 

Enhance your knowledge about the market and learn how to adapt your business model to fit the German requirements. Preferably,  before entering any business dialogues as this will increase your chances of a successful outcome.

There is not only one way to enter and approach the German food market. In this report you will be able to learn some possible paths to achieve or accelerate your growth in Germany. 

We want you to unlock your full international potential.


Datum: 4 jan 2018
Storlek: 2,8 MB(pdf)
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