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Wildelife Garden rapidly expands in Germany

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Wildlife Garden is a unique interior design company that brings value to customers through supplying high qualitative garden products inspired by the beautiful nature of southern Sweden. In order to grow further international revenue in Germany, they decided to get to know this market on a deeper level in terms of customer needs and suitable suppliers. Business Sweden supported at home by providing the business development process “Steps to Export” and guidance for how to analyse their international market.

Wildlife Garden produces and sells handcrafted products for bird- and garden life with strong focus on Swedish design, which aim is to bring out a living garden. The company identified growth potential on their currently largest growing market, Germany. However, they were challenged by forming a strategy on how to approach the market to seize this opportunity and access their desired segment. This challenge led Wildlife Garden to engage with Business Sweden in Malmö. The results present a created structure for how to understand their German market demands and even established relationships with several well-suited suppliers.

Development of framework for international expansion

Business Sweden supported Wildlife Garden by providing the right tools to perform a comprehensive analysis of the German market for the garden and interior design sectors. The analysis included identification of competitors, cultural and legal aspects, true customer demands and key stakeholders. Through the analysis, key suppliers that lived up to Wildlife Garden’s criteria such as professional handcraft expertise, minimal environmental effect, close collaboration and data sharing were identified.

Helena Nobel, CEO of Wildlife Garden, explains how Business Sweden supported the company by creating a framework for international expansion by placing focus on the rights questions.

“I think we will increase our export to Germany with 50 % this year if not more, as we now have a clear structure and focus on the market.”, said Helena.

Rapid local growth through new revenue streams

Just a few months after Business Sweden’s business development process and with further support from local consultants, new supplier relationships were formed and production was pivoted towards real customer needs on the market. The results are expected to improve international revenues and foresee market demands, which in turn helps to manage risks.

“Many entrepreneurs are creatives with maybe no academic background, which is why Business Sweden’s work is important. They have given us confidence and professional support for our export growth.”, said Helena.