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Retail Innovation successfully established

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Retail Innovation is a leading European provider of solutions within in the retail industry. In cooperation with Business Sweden Hungary, they successfully entered the market.

Retail Innovation is a leading European provider of solutions and know-how to drive technological advancement and adoption of best practices in the retail industry. Retail Innovation’s business is organized in two business areas: smart fiscal control solutions that counter tax evasion and the shadow economy, and a cloud-based electronic platform for in-store distribution and sale of electronic products and services.

Retail Innovation has been successfully cooperating with the Hungarian office for many years, a fruitful cooperation that increased the efficiency of the process and speeded up their entry to the on-line cash registers market in Hungary. Business Sweden has supported Retail Innovation to reach their goals through a wide range of services including market check, stake holder analysis, partner search and distribution channels analysis, support in the development process including the communication with the stakeholders on both technical and legal aspects, as well as in the process of obtaining the Hungarian certification for their fiscal control solution.

Building on their success case in Hungary, Retail Innovation is now seeking new opportunities on the market to develop their horizontals. Given the fruitful cooperation with Business Sweden translated in high efficiency and great results, Retail Innovation has recently asked the Hungarian office to support them in entering the vending machine sector. Business Sweden Hungary helps Retail Innovation to further develop their business in Hungary, understand the legal frame, map the stake holders and reach out to the relevant decision makers, supporting the company in the communication and sales process.

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