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Tillväxtmöjligheter i Indonesiens Networked Society

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The highly networked society offers multiple business opportunities in various industry sectors such as energy, utility, transportation, automotive, safety, and security. Ericsson has identified Indonesia as a prioritized market for expansion within the region, and engaged Business Sweden to enhance market understanding and gain insights for the go-to-market strategy.

Ericsson has been collaborating with Business Sweden on several projects across the world including market analysis and trade delegation programs. Business Sweden plays an important role as a strategic partner for Ericsson to explore opportunities in the highly networked industry and society. This strategic partnership works well in Indonesian market. Indonesia is a prioritized market for Ericsson’s expansion due to its large market size and as one the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia.


According to the latest Ericsson Mobility Report, there will be 28 billion connected devices in the world by 2021. This has led to a growing demand for scarce capabilities in new areas that create substantial growth opportunity across industries such as energy, utilities, transport, automotive, safety and security.

"We need a globally experienced partner who has local knowledge to conduct comprehensive analysis and provide reliable recommendations. Business Sweden has proven that they have good local network and relations within the potential industries. They are capable in gaining access to both Government stakeholders (including state-owned companies) and private stakeholders.” says Rustam Effendie, Executive Director for Strategy & Business Development at Ericsson Indonesia.

Business Sweden performed market research, customer identification and competitor analysis. The research also included dialogues with key industry players, experts, potential customers, authorities and even competitors. The outputs and recommendations from Business Sweden became the decision base for Ericsson’s future expansion.


In September 2016, Ericsson together with Business Sweden and the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta hosted the Indonesian-Swedish Digital Forum. The forum aimed to become a platform of knowledge sharing and showcase on how Swedish digital solutions can turn Indonesia´s digital potential into business opportunities and economic growth. Ericsson, as well as several other Swedish digital companies, acquired valuable opportunities to build relationship with its key stakeholders during the forum.

Ericsson lays the foundation for the Networked Society and enables industrial transformation. Our ICT capabilities are relevant for both operators and industry customers. This condition makes Ericsson as a natural bridge that links sectors with one another. Ericsson wants to be part of the digital transformation in Indonesia; exchanging ideas, collaborating and exploring the potential opportunities. I foresee that many next big things can be developed and we want to be a part that makes it happen in Indonesia, Rustam Effendie concludes.

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Anders Wickberg

Trade Commissioner to Indonesia Jakarta Trade Commissioner to Indonesia, Jakarta