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Softwerk establishes in London

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Softwerk is a fast growing research based IT-consultancy firm with focus on developing smart IT-solutions for the special need of the client. When the company decided to expand in Europe, they collaborated with Business Sweden to get extensive market information and access to a relevant business network.

Software development  company with deep knowledge

Softwerk offers various individualised IT-solutions such as app and web development, system development, Fortnox integration, domain specific language construction and quality assurance. Their most recent service is providing valuable executive summary reports with IT-due diligence for the customer to make informed and improved decisions. This involves a static analysis of the IT-system which analyses source code to identify quality defects, risks and improvements in the software. The company’s main resource is its international tech-savvy team of engaged researchers.

The challenge of identifying international focus

Softwerk took contact with Business Sweden to get a better understanding of their international market demand. They desired to make informed decisions of where to place focus and investment when expanding over country borders. Softwerk worked with Business Sweden to identify which markets where mature for their services and to develop a relevant network for an accelerated expansion.

Eddie Freij, CEO at Softwerk, explained their expansion challenge: “When expanding as a small company like us, I think it’s all about having the courage to focus on one thing. Otherwise you might do a couple of field tests which not fully succeed, so you just keep working on the local regular business. With the help of external consultants we have been empowered to push towards a successful expansion abroad.”

Fast establishment of business relations on the new market

Business Sweden supported Softwerk with solid market analysis, Brexit risk analysis, sales support towards the venture capital market and introduction of customer relationships. London was identified as a market with high potential for Softwerk. Their local consultant at home followed as a sounding board and mentor through the process to build an understanding of the new business culture and industry that was entered.

“Business Sweden opened doors for us via their large network, to initiate the first customer relationships and drive the deal through. As our industry is special, it builds on informal contacts and you can’t become established through only ads or trade shows, this help has been important. Our consultants have worked close to us, been flexible and have helped with both analysis and to concretely prospect client cases.”, said Eddie.

Accelerated time to market 

Eddie explained how the relationship with Business Sweden has developed through all the joint visits with prospects: “We have exchanged knowledge and learned together about our customers and their behavior, which is a continuous process.” Softwerk have decided to continue to work with Business Sweden in London with network development and prospecting.

“Without Business Sweden our expansion would have taken longer time and would not have been as focused.”, said Eddie. He explained how they gained insights about their expansion with the help of external consultants, who are not experts on the product but will listen and understand the needs for a profitable international landing. The access to both local and international consultants to reason with can enable an effective internationalization.

Eddie described future plans they have for the collaboration: “Lastly, I think we have become stronger in our pricing strategy and even in explaining our products, which then makes it easier to sell. On our next market we will do a copy paste of the collaboration with Business Sweden, but even more focused.”