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Swedish Deputy Minister in Mexico to discuss Smart Cities and Electric Mobility

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The 25th of November the Deputy Minister of Housing and Digitization of Sweden, Mr. Alf Karlsson, participated in an event named “Smart cities and electric mobility”, as part of an official visit to Mexico.

The event was organized by The Swedish Embassy, Business Sweden Mexico and three Swedish companies active in Mexico: ABB, Ericsson and Volvo Group.

Mr. Karlsson opened the event with a speech on the vision of Sweden as a connected and fossil free society. Sweden has set ambitious objectives for its energy and environmental policies, such as half of its energy generation coming from renewable sources by 2020 and achieving fossil independence for its entire vehicle fleet by 2030. Electric mobility is significant for this development, as well as a natural and important part of smart cities. The speech was held to an audience of around 60 representatives from industries, organizations and politics related to the topic in Mexico.

Urban mobility is a key competitive factor in the race to attract investment, talent, and to reduce the negative impact on the environment of cities worldwide. Smart cities with innovative technologies will take the lead in this race. Mexico is now in a decisive moment where rapid urbanization, energy transition and the effects of climate change all are put high on the agenda; they strive to advance in the area of clean energy.

Following the speech from the Deputy Minister of Sweden, representatives from Mexico City government and the national government of Mexico gave their views on the development and what is needed for Mexico. The speakers were Leonardo Fabio Beltrán Rodríguez, Deputy Minister of Planning and Energy Transition of the Energy Ministry in Mexico, Tanya Müller García, Local Minister of Environment of Mexico City, as well as Solomon Chertorivski, Local Minister of Economic Development of Mexico City. The latter spoke about the need to change the economic model and consumption in order to achieve sustainability and meet climate change. The Mexican government has set the objective that 35 percent of the electricity will be generated through more environmentally friendly sources by 2024, and Mr. Solomon Chertorivski stated in his speech that he viewed Sweden as an important partner in this journey towards making Mexico less fossil fuel dependent.

Contributions were also made by the three co-organizing companies. They spoke about the Swedish experience in urban development, smart cities and sustainable electric transport, and how their solutions can help meet the challenges. The speakers were Pierre Comptdaer, President and CEO of ABB México, João Yazlle, Vice President of Sales and General Manager of Ericsson Mexico and Moshe Winer Rostenberg, Commercial Director of Volvo Group Mexico.

The conversation was facilitated by Annika Thunborg, the Swedish Ambassador to Mexico.


Sweden and Mexico relations from 1850 until today


Sweden and Mexico share a long history of both diplomatic and trade exchange. As early as 1850, diplomatic relations were established when the Swedish Consulate opened in the Port of Veracruz. In 1956, embassies were opened in Stockholm and in Mexico City. More than a hundred years ago, Ericsson was the first Swedish company to be established in Mexico. Since then, relations between the two nations have been growing stronger and today, almost 150 Swedish companies or companies related to Sweden, carry out activities in Mexico.

The knowledge and experience of the Swedish companies span an extensive range. They are globally competitive in areas such as telecommunications, environmental technology, transport, energy and health. In addition, Swedish companies share the desire work together and join forces with the public and academic sectors, which allows the development of global solutions for building sustainable societies.

Although Swedish investments in Mexico are significant, there are still great opportunities to increase trade.

Picture courtesy of Andrea Herrera, Embassy of Sweden in Mexico.