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Small and targeted event opens doors for Swedish ports solution providers

Ports and harbors are an important aspect of the infrastructure development in Colombia. With its privileged geographical positioning and growing economy, the country is investing heavily to meet the demand and attract more shipping companies. To target and grow within this niche segment, ABB and Trelleborg joined forces with Business Sweden at the Ports and Containers Congress in Barranquilla in July 2016.

The seemingly small commercial section and audience limited to the conference participants provided the two Swedish companies with the right business cards and opened the right doors.

“The Swedish stand had a prime location in the center of the expo. In addition to excellent flow through the stand, the speaker opportunity generated interest in our solutions and Business Sweden staff made sure to bring important stakeholder to speak with us. These were two excellent days and we left the event with numerous leads and contacts” said Daniel Figueredo, Area Sales Manager for Latin America with Trelleborg Marine Systems.

ANDI, the Colombian Business and Industry Association, organizes an annual event targeted at ports- every two years, it’s the Ports and Containers Congress and every other year, it’s the Agro-Industrial Cargo Congress. Both target a relevant audience and attract the main decision makers and stakeholders within ports, harbors and water transportation.

Edgar Higuera-Gómez, the manager of the Logistics, Transport and Infrastructure chamber at ANDI, sees a growing interest in the sector “Previously, when we spoke of infrastructure, everyone thought of individual investments in roads, bridges and tunnels. Ports were exclusively associated with the Caribbean coast. The new investments in the transport infrastructure matrix are focusing on the need for logistics flow irrespectively of the mode of transport. The emphasis now lies in an intermodal approach including trains, river ways, roads and ports that will allow better flow of imported goods through the country and of Colombian production for export. The port of Buenaventura is a prime example of investments to match the contemporary needs – the port has benefitted from the expansion of the Panama Canal permitting the passage of larger vessels providing new opportunities for infrastructure development on the Pacific coast. As a reflection of these changes, in 2017, we’re organizing the event in Cali with a planned visit to Buenaventura”.

As a follow-up to the successful networking and promotion during the 2016 event in Barranquilla, Business Sweden is now looking to expand the Swedish participation in the 2017 Agro-Industrial Cargo Congress by bringing an expert from the Port of Gothenburg as a guest speaker to the event.

“As this market is very important for the Swedish industry and our customers, the Port of Gothenburg sees the conference as a gateway to developing our network in the region and at the same time to create exchange and cooperation opportunities with the Colombian ports, industry, shipping lines and forwarders” mentioned Jacob Minnhagen, Senior Manager Market Development, at the Port of Gothenburg. 

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