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Building valuable networks to accelerate international establishment of renewable energy solutions

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InnoVentum is a progressive company with focus on creating and commercialising highly environmentally friendly and resource efficient renewable energy solutions. The products include unique designs of hybrid wind-solar systems, wind turbines and PV solar panel installations. To be able to increase establishment and installations abroad, InnoVentum needed to expand their international networks and connect with central organisations within the renewable energy sector. Through Business Sweden’s events and partnerships, the company was able to create new relevant connections, leading to profitable agreements.

Building collaboration with the United Nations

Through InnoVentum’s local coaches at Business Sweden in Malmö and Copenhagen, the company got the opportunity to attend networking events and access collaboration with the UN. Business Sweden organises the UN Procurement Seminar in Copenhagen, where the company connected with relevant buyers from the UN. This led to a long term agreement (LTA) with the UN, which means that InnoVentum is contacted when international buyers in the UN-system are in need of their products. “Our increased sales would not have occurred if we did not get ourselves a name within the UN, through the various events that Business Sweden organizes.”, said Sigvald.

New revenue streams through long-term agreement with the UN

Sigvald explains how the LTA has enabled positive spin-off effects for InnoVentum. Thanks to the LTA, the company was contacted by the UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), which is globally responsible for organizing the COP conferences. Attending the conferences has allowed the company to make several new energy installations, the latest ones in Marrakesh, Morocco. “Business Sweden have helped us to accelerate the expansion of our networks in the world, for example to connect us with relevant events and contact persons, which is a very important part.”, said Sigvald.

Expand your international networks

Sigvald states that the syndication of Business Sweden, the Swedish Energy Agency and the Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta, Indonesia, also means great opportunities for allowing business potentials in the energy sector to unfold in Indonesia. This delegation is focused on showcasing Swedish business solutions and knowledge for Indonesian decision makers.
Business Sweden can support your company by expanding global networks, so that you can connect with the right people and accelerate international landing with minimum risk. “I have made it a habit to connect with Business Sweden when I arrive in a new city where they are located. This is to get to know who is responsible for our sector at the office and to get connected with relevant organizations and possible local buyers.”, said Sigvald.