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Modular buildings by Fuvido shelter solutions provide shelter for emergency situations

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The Swedish manufacturer of passive houses and fast-assembly transitional shelter modules gets access to new business contacts and gained valuable knowledge and understanding of the Nepalese market during Business Sweden’s delegations to South East Asia.

Fuvido Shelter Solutions is a Swedish manufacturer of passive houses and fast-assembly transitional shelter modules with the roots from the house building industry with skill and technol­ogy derived from large urban planning and energy passive houses. Fuvido has 10 years’ experience of strategic planning, coordi­nation and execution in complex humanitarian crisis opera­tions with bodies such as IFRC, ICRC and various Red Cross Societies, OCHA, UNICEF and private sector. They have hands on field experience; the earthquake / cholera pandem­ic operation in Haiti; the earthquake operation in Pakistan, and the drought in Ethiopia.

In order to obtain a better understanding of disaster prone areas in South East Asian countries, Fuvido participated in delegations to Philippines and Vietnam in 2014 organised by Business Sweden.

“The meetings set up by Business Sweden during the disaster relief delegation to Vietnam and Philippines were very good and are well spent money, especially for smaller companies. The contact network of NGOs we built enabled us to reach their counterparts in Nepal during the earthquake in 2015”, says Tobias Persson, CEO, Fuvido.

As Fuvido’s product sales cycle is long, Fuvido will need continuous presence in the market. Therefore the company also decided in 2016 to participate with Business Sweden in the yearly fair for AidEx in Brussels. AidEx is the leading international event for professionals in aid and development and is visited by decision makers and procurement from many UN agencies and NGOs from all over the world. An efficient way to keep up with key stakeholders and introduce them to new products and solutions.

“It takes a long time and is complicated to get access when dealing with big organizations like this. Fuvido will therefore consider to intensify our collaboration with Business Sweden in order to be able to handle and maintain strategic stakeholders at the UN and with other multilateral organizations”, says Tobias Persson.