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Freedesk’s expansion was accelerated in Europe and Asia

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Freedesk was faced with the challenge to rapidly increase sales of its Desk Risers and needed to enter new partnerships on international markets. With presence on international markets, Business Sweden managed to shorten the time for Freedesk to enter new partnership in two countries. Within less than half a year, new partners in Japan and Germany where already offering Freedesk’s products to their customers. “We estimate that Business Sweden helped us to shorten time to market in these countries with 6 – 12 months, says Johan Stagne, VP Sales & Marketing, Freedesk.

Through the cooperation with Business Sweden in Japan and Germany, Freedesk secured new partnerships within less than half a year.

Freedesk AB is a fast growing life style company based in Lomma, south of Sweden. At the core of the product offering is the portable Desk Riser that turns every surface into a flexible and adjustable sit-stand table. The idea for this innovative product was sprung out of the awareness of the benefits of working in standing position.

In 2017, Freedesk’s sales on the Swedish home market had taken off and the company was faced with the challenge to find new revenue streams to meet its ambitious sales targets. The attention was set on international markets. Having a pure Swedish organisation, Freedesk decided not to lose time in building up an own organisation in each market but to benefit from Business Sweden’s international presence to overcome the distance and language barriers.

In Japan, Freedesk’s offering was presented to several retailers by Business Sweden and met a large response. Soon, an agreement was signed with a distributor. In Germany, the entire focus was on securing further reseller partnerships in addition to an existing one. Within less than half a year, one distributor had started to offer Freedesk’s products to its customers.

 We are amazed by the speed and the concrete results we reached by getting Business Sweden’s support. Now we are committed to expand our position in the actual markets.” says Johan Stagne, VP Sales & Marketing, Freedesk.

Gösta Melkersson, Global Business Developer at Business Sweden, who coached Freedesk on the ground throughout the whole agrees and adds “For this fast growing innovative company it was key to reach out rapidly to new markets and that the colleagues in Japan and Germany focused directly on finding relevant distribution partners where the fit between Fredesk´s offering and the need of the partner were key rather than a traditional market analysis & strategy discussion which they did in a very successful way. Hands-on, no fuss, “minimise-time-to-market-support” to land Freedesk way in advance of the upcoming competition in a real world class delivery. Thank you!” 

Within less than 6 months, Freedesk secured new partnerships on key markets paving the way for new revenues streams to meet its ambitious sales targets.

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Gösta Melkersson

Global Business Developer Skåne Malmö Global Business Developer Skåne, Malmö
+46 730 23 86 90
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Carl Norsten

Consultant Tokyo Consultant, Tokyo
+81 3 5562 5020