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ETP Transmission accelerates sales

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Finding new revenue streams due to successful sales manager recruitments in the U.S. and Germany


In order to increase our sales within selected markets abroad, we were aiming to find a suitable sales representative possessing industry knowledge as well as a broad local business network. With offices and local insights on international markets, Business Sweden could support us with this challenge, apprehending where and how to find the right candidate,“ says Niclas Rosberg, President of ETP Transmission AB.

ETP Transmission AB (hereinafter ETP) has more than 35 years of experience in developing and manufacturing hydraulic hub-shaft connections and tool holders. Since their export accounts for 95 % of their revenue, ETP realized they had a need to foster their presence on selected markets abroad. The metalworking side of their business had until then only accounted for a relatively small share of their international business, and ETP concluded that the most effective way forward would be hiring an experienced sales manager to oversee and guide sales on the metalworking side, in order to increase sales.

With the aim to find local sales managers, ETP requested the assistance of Business Sweden in performing recruitment for Sales Manager in the U.S as well as in Germany. Business Sweden was pleased to take on the task, looking back on several successful recruitment projects for other companies.

The recruitment process for ETP started with the U.S. market, with support from Business Sweden´s office in Chicago. Within 12 weeks’ time and a screening of over 200 candidates, Business Sweden presented ETP with a shortlist of 10 relevant candidates. Following a 2-day long meeting program with a selection of applicants, ETP successfully hired one of the identified candidates. As the key to success in the case of the ETP recruitment process, Mats Shore, Project Manager Business Sweden USA, points to an involved client and targeted headhunting.

Based on the success and the perceived insights from Business Sweden USA, the process in Germany was performed in a similar manner but adapted to the local and cultural environment. Furthermore, to understand ETP´s specific needs and product offering even more in detail, Catharina Dreier, Senior Project Manager at Business Sweden Germany, visited ETP and their production site. Business Sweden´s office in Berlin supported ETP in the preparatory work to find the right channels to look for candidates, created and adapt the job description to fit the German market, screened applications and performed screening interviews in the German language, making use of their local network and knowledge. What resulted in a longlist of candidates was thereafter thoroughly examined and a shortlist of candidates was presented to ETP. Within a couple of months, a suitable sales manager for Germany was hired.

To setup local distribution we need local presence and still it takes time. We set a three year program, 1) Meet & Learn 2) Analyze & Build 3) Full Expansion.

In the US we have now fulfilled two years and target to triple sales this year. What our sales manager is doing today in a month would take years for us with our previous setup.

In Germany we are still in our first year and we are learning and analyzing the market which is somewhat different and highly competitive. It is necessary to have a person with local insight to find our way. We are now working out our local strategy for Germany and this fall we will set budget for 2019. Already we, by having local presence, managed to keep one major customer who was looking for alternatives by being agile to their needs,” says Niclas Rosberg, President of ETP Transmission AB.

About ETP Transmission AB

ETP Transmission AB develops, manufactures, markets and sells hydraulic hub-shaft connections, tool holders for fastening and centring. The company works in three main business areas: power transmission, metal- and woodworking for use as hub-shaft connections, tool and work piece holders and similar applications. ETP have 60 employees and an overall turnover of 115 million SEK in 2017.


To enable ETP Transmission to increase sales on selected international markets, by establishing a local presence.


Business Sweden supported ETP in recruiting a specialized and local sales person in the U.S. and Germany. Business Sweden’s assignment comprised of preparatory work such as the development of job description as well as establishing a competitive salary level for a sales manager within the metalworking industry. Business Sweden also oversaw the candidate generation, screening and selection of candidates and support with final interviews. Following the selection, Business Sweden also assisted ETP navigating and working through the hiring process, including revision of the employee contract.


ETP Transmission AB is very satisfied with their recruitments, facilitated by Business Sweden, and aim to grow even stronger on the respective markets.

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Goals fulfilled - tripled sales in the US and reached goal of understanding highly competitive German market better in order to set strategy and budget for 2019

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