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Disperator säljer köksutrustning till fartyg i Indien

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Ibland beskriver våra kunder det bäst själva. Efter flera månaders arbete med Disperator, ett innovativt svenskt företag som levererar till fartygsindustrin, skrev företagets VD följande brev för att beskriva deras inbrytning i Indien och hur Business Sweden hjälpte dem på vägen (brevet skrevs på engelska och publiceras i orginaltext).

Disperator Co's mission is to provide innovative and adaptable equipment to galleys in the marine environment, as well as land-based kitchens and to the food industry, enabling for digestion or composting of food scraps in subsequent stages and thereby benefiting the society. After 40 years as a leading manufacturer of food waste disposers to the marine industry, Disperator Co’s experience and dedication has resulted in the unique reliability required for extreme conditions at sea around the world.

Disperator product range is unique! Disperator is the only manufacturer to offer every kind of installation option in a kitchen. The modularly product line is the platform that makes it possible to combine all kinds of installation assemblies with any size of the basic models in the 500 Excellent Series. Every workstation in the kitchen can thereby be designed based on its specific requirements in terms of excellent function, finances and ergonomics.

Disperator is proud of labeling their commercial kitchen range 500 Excellent Series of disposers with "Made in Sweden". As owners of the production tools and having all of the assembly and final testing made in their own factory in Stockholm, Sweden, Disperator have full insight into the chain of making the product, guaranteeing each product’s superior quality.

Having over 90% of their revenue deriving from export sales Disperator is no strangers to international trade. However, embarking on a new venture of entering the Indian market with its particular culture Disperator felt a bit astray. This motivated Disperator initial contact with Business Sweden and Mr. Pawan Tahlani, who has provided Disperator with excellent support from the very start, and we are very pleased with the outcome. Not only did we have the opportunity to meet with interesting partners/clients but we have also received our first actual order from India. Together with Mr. Pawan Tahlani we have implemented two business trips, the last having been made in February of 2014 where we met with potential distributors in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Our main target of distributors is within the navy and commercial shipping industry, but has also met with distributors in other commercial land based sectors such as the Marriott Hotels.

Mr. Pawan Tahlani contacted purchase departments of all major Indian shipyards in order to identify local distributors. Thereafter in collaboration with Disperator an initial shortlist of distributors were identified. The shortlisted distributors were then contacted by Mr. Tahlani in order to collect details regarding their interest and suitability considering Disperator´s requirement specification. After Mr. Tahlani's pre-visits and evaluation work of selected companies, final visits together with Disperator were made to those distributors that were considered of most value and benefit to Disperator´s launch in India.

Business Sweden's and Mr. Pawan Tahlani's valuable assistance have resulted in positive business prospects for Disperator Co. in India, which is mainly due to growth in the ship building industry with a number of projects coming up in the navy defense sector. In total meetings were arranged with 13 companies, of which at least three are considered of great interest to Disperator. For Disperator's long term planning and continued success on the Indian market, Mr. Pawan Tahlani has also successfully worked out and presented a customized strategy for Indian market with a long term focus and clear sectorial approach which we feel will be of great help for our continued work together with our new Indian distributors.

Disperator AB
Lars Holmqvist

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Pawan Tahlani

Senior Project Manager New Delhi Senior Project Manager, New Delhi
+ 91 (0)11 4606 7104