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Noxon AB

With an accumulated customer base in Europe over the years Noxon AB decided to look at the other markets, exploring business opportunities in the water and waste water sector in Central Asia and Azerbaijan. Thanks to Business Sweden Central Asia, Noxon inked a deal with local distributor that is now in charge of representing Swedish decanters on Kazakhstani market.

Noxon was established in 1987 with dewatering centrifuge as company’s core product. The reason for this was that cofounders of the company, Lars Åke Larsson and Göran Mård, by working with dewatering centrifuges saw ways of improving them which has sparked the initiative of developing centrifuges of their own. In the course of company development the product portfolio has been extended with polymer machines and sludge regulators and in-house manufactured control systems and accessories for dewatering. There are many customer groups that the company can target with its separation solutions, one of the major ones being water and waste water (W&WW) treatment plants. Today turnover of the company is on the level of EUR 7 million, employing 38 people.

Noxon’s customers operate in many different sectors, which is why Noxon’s products can be adapted in many ways to work in each organization. Decanter centrifuges are often used for local authority industrial dewatering, but can just as easily work with oil sludge, slaughterhouse sludge, fish sludge, digested sludge, bio sludge, paper/cellulose sludge, etc.


Noxon’s products are developed and manufactured in Sweden. This gives unique opportunities to adapt products to customers’ organizations. Patented design has been specifically developed to make it user-friendly for customers and offer even more effective dewatering for specific industry segments. Many years of experience and a highly skilled workforce has made Noxon one of the leading Swedish suppliers of dewatering technology. Noxon have also achieved a prominent position on the export market.


Noxon asked Business Sweden to analyse the market situation in Kazakhstan to understand what are the business opportunities currently present for decanters. After close evaluation of the market in the framework of BOP, Business Sweden provided market analysis and performed a partner search, which resulted in finding 7 potential partners according to Noxon criteria. Subsequently, based on the provided findings, Business Sweden organized 5 day visiting program for Noxon to 3 cities of Kazakhstan. As a result of negotiations, one partner was short listed to sign a deal for representing Noxon decanters on Kazakhstani markets. Sales are expected to begin in the coming months. Business Sweden briefly participated in negotiating a deal.