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Valve producer and global company Stafsjö expands to Mexico

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Swedish company Stafsjö produces valves for the global process industry. Founded in Sweden over 300 years ago it is now a global company present all over the world. It produces about 20 000 valves annually and had a turnover of 16 MEUR in 2016.

Stafsjö took the formal decision to establish itself in Mexico in November 2016, together with its German mother company Ebro. A decision that Stafsjö´s CEO Thomas Carlson does not regret; on the contrary Mr. Carlson says that the company sees Mexico as one of the top 5 in emerging markets for mining, cars, metal finishing, and food.  In other words, it is a prosperous country.

With the establishment in Mexico came several tasks; legal incorporation of the company, the need office space and especially the necessity to hire a Country Manager to Mexico. As a result of earlier collaboration and good experiences, Stafsjö asked Business Sweden to carry out these tasks. This project was realized during 2016 and early 2017. The Stafsjö Mexico office is now up and running with a Country Manager leading the work from his rented desk at the Business Sweden office in Mexico City. Thomas Carlson confirms: “We are pleased with the professional way Business Sweden handled the process and we are today convinced we found the right candidate for the job”.

Stafsjö has worked with Business Sweden in Germany and China before, but its first encounter with the Mexico office was in 2015, as the company joined a mining delegation that is carried out every year by Business Sweden Mexico. According to Thomas Carlson, this proved very interesting for them as mining is one of their prioritized business segments. The business delegation then led the way to further collaboration, which still continues. 

The Stafsjö CEO states that Mexico is an interesting market because it is a big industrial nation with opportunities in mining, but also in other business segments interesting for the company. “We would definitely recommend investing in the Mexican market to other companies”, he finishes the interview.

Stafsjö history:

Stafsjö was founded 1666 by Gert Störning who got the approval from the Swedish king to start manufacturing of canons for the Swedish army and marine. The arms manufacturing was the business until 1840. The valve manufacturing started 1884 and the Knife Gate Valve (today's product) was invented 1928.