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Ministry of Health
Launched a national Life in Traffic program as part of the UN decade and a governmental decision to decrease the traffic accident death tolls. Funds focused on analysis and integrating cooperation between public entities.

Ministry of Transport (National Transport Policy Department)
Function: responsible for the macro-perspective of developing national transport policy and infrastructure.

DNIT – National Infrastructure and Transport Department, Ministry of Transportation
Function: federal executive body under the Ministry of Transport.

DENATRAN – National Traffic Department, Ministry of the Cities
Function: highest executive body of the National Traffic System (SNT). The main objective is to monitor and enforce traffic laws and enforcement of standards and guidelines established by the National Traffic Council (CONTRAN).

ANTT – National Land Transport Agency
Function: regulatory authority for Brazil's overland transport sectors highways, railways, passenger and cargo transport and international transport.

ABNT – Brazilian Technical Standards Association
Function: normative body which intends to promote technological development in the country.

DER – Road Traffic Department, State Government of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
Function: state government’s department responsible for road traffic and infrastructure.

ARTESP – Transportation Delegates Regulatory Public Services Agency of the State of Sao Paulo, State Government of São Paulo
Function: Implements state transport policies, contains regulatory power; develops concessionary models, stimulates the improvements in public transport services.

Secretariat of Transport, Mayor’s Office
Function: Responsible for development and infrastructure (municipal roads) in the respective cities – São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

CCR – Companhia de Concessões Rodoviárias
One of the largest private infrastructure groups in the world, involved in the highway concession, passenger transportation, and environmental vehicular inspection sectors.

Arteris (OHL Brasil)
One of the largest companies in the highway concession sector by kilometers administrated in Brazil, with 3,226 km in operation.