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11 jun Basra, Iraq

Swedish Health Care Delegation to Iraq

The Iraqi health care sector is in great need of development and is explicitly asking for more Swedish companies to support them with expertise in building hospitals, hospital management and supplying medical devices in oncology, infection control and intensive care.

In the light of the above, Business Sweden, in collaboration with Swecare Foundation, The Embassy of Sweden in Baghdad, and the The Ministry for Foreign Affairs invites you to participate in the Swedish health care delegation to Basra on June 11th, 2013.


During the late 1970s and 1980s, Iraq’s healthcare system was regarded as one of the most modern in the Middle East. However, due to many years of instability the development declined rapidly. The Iraqi government now aims to restore the healthcare system as part of the 2013 budgetary allocations and therefore the Iraqi health care sector is in desperate need for investments.


The increase in Iraq’s overall health expenditure and the continued expansion of health care facilities in the country is expected to create opportunities for growth in most health care sectors, especially in cancer treatment and infection control. Foreign expertise in building hospitals is demanded in order to expand health care facilities. Companies working with hospital management are also needed. This immediate short-term increase in health care expenditure on infrastructure will translate into a long-term driver of growth in expenditure of medical devices and pharmaceutical sales and that offer business opportunities for Swedish firms.


This delegation should work as a door opener to Iraqi decision makers, inspire and create interest to a broader group of Swedish companies that wish to have a share of this growing market for health care equipment, oncology and infection control and other health care areas in Iraq, as well as to provide knowledge transfer and exchange experience between Iraq and Sweden.


During a one day program (11th of June) with room for additional days of individual meetings, the delegation will meet high level representatives from the Ministry of Health and the private sector as well as different health care experts. The delegation aims to give companies the opportunity to showcase their offerings and at the same time get an understanding of business opportunities and to meet directly with key players who have direct influence on the decision process within the health care industry in Iraq. 


To receive more information about the Health Care Delegation to Iraq, please register your interest by filling in your contact details on the form below.

In cooperation with:

Logos Swecare, Embassy of Sweden, Government offices of Sweden

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