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Business Sweden in Russia

Russia is a large market, which in many aspects needs to be modernized. Lately sanctions and a low oil price have burdened the Russian economy, which is why cost efficient, qualitative products and solutions are in demand.

Sweden has traded with Russia since the time of the Vikings. The Nobel brothers and Ericsson among others were active on the pre-revolutionary Russian market in the beginning of the 20th century. Sweden and Swedish innovation has still today a strong reputation and are associated with positive traits.

Swedish companies are in general seen as good business partners in Russia. The political turbulence and sanctions has hindered trade in some sectors of late, most of all in public procurement. Despite this, the market size and the geographical vicinity makes Russia an interesting market with many business opportunities for Swedish companies.

Around 400 Swedish companies are present in Russia with registered subsidiaries. The last few years Swedish exports to Russia has stagnated and thereon slightly decreased.

During the year of 2015 Sweden exported goods for a value of approximately 15 billion SEK to Russia. It amounts to a change in the exports of -33 percent since the year before and can be traced to the last years political unrest in Russia and the neighboring area, the slumping oil price and a general weakening of the economy. Swedish imports from Russia during the year of 2015 amounted to almost 39 billion SEK, which is equal to a decrease of 30 percent from 2014. The main import goods from Russia are oil and energy products. 

The internet penetration rate is high in Russia today. A large number of Swedish companies are active within growing industries like ICT and online services. There is a large pressure to localize industrial and agricultural production in Russia. This trend gives opportunities for products and services, which increase the level of modernization and potentiation. For example there is a great need for this within the municipal infrastructure for energy, waste management and water purification. Many producers in Russia import components from abroad in order to fulfill high demands on quality, durability and efficiency. 

Business Sweden has been present in Russia since 1994. Today we cover the market from Moscow, where there currently is around ten people working. Business Sweden in Russia also covers Belarus and one person at the office works full time to support Business Sweden in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian markets.

Business Sweden in Russia has great experience in helping Swedish companies with contacts to big companies, public procurers and governmental agencies. Questions about legal compliance within HR and staffing, accounting and sanctions have become more common lately. We have performed a large amount of projects within medtech and the pharmaceutical business and we hold a large and useful network within these areas.


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