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Data Centers by Sweden

As the European leader in climate-friendly energy and sustainable technologies, Sweden is an excellent choice for large-scale data center operations

Sweden ranks high amongst locations with a stable, predictable and attractive environment for large-scale digital infrastructures, and is an excellent location for digital business. The country offers an excellent infrastructure and stable economy, and is well connected to mainland Europe, North America and Russia.

Sweden has an impressive track record as a leading supplier of innovative solutions and products in a wide range of industry sectors on a global scale. The Swedish culture is open-minded and readily embraces new ideas and technologies.  The country is often seen as a front-runner in adopting new technologies and setting new consumer trends.
Sweden is a prime location for centralized operations in Northern Europe, and the preferred choice for regional headquarters and multi-country distribution centers, contact centers and shared service centers. Skilled professionals, smooth business procedures and receptivity to international partnerships make it an easy country to operate in. Information is readily available, open and transparent.

why sweden?

1. Competitive and reliable electricity prices

2. Power supply is 100% green

3. Extremely robust electricity grid & infrastructure

4. Power production surplus

5. Excellent communications infrastructure

6. Attractive corporate, real estate and investment tax schemes

7. Outstanding engineering and ICT skills

8. Favorable climate for free cooling

9. Accelerated due diligence and site selection

10. Security & stability - political, economical, physical and digital

Tomas Sokolnicki

Senior Investment Advisor, Data Centers Stockholm, Sweden Senior Investment Advisor, Data Centers, Stockholm, Sweden
+46 70 642 78 31
E-mail tomas.sokolnicki@business-sweden.se

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